Kidd House Accommodation knows how frustrating and expensive it is to have to share the outgoings with other students and most particularly friends.
That is why Kidd House Accommodation includes outgoings in our pricing like common area power, water use (unless individually metered), internet, house cleaning and yard care in one easy weekly rent payment.

Kidd House Accommodation does not feel it’s fair to advertise one price, only for you to find that utilities are not really included as they only include acceptable use up to $100 or $150 a quarter. Make sure when you inquire what the advertised rental price actually includes and excludes!


Landlords and real estate agents are not by law allowed to charge you, or separately make you share a percentage of power or water use unless it’s individually metered?

This means that in properties that are share houses with room style accommodation, the rent must include your power, water and gas use.

See the Rent Fact Sheet for Room Style accommodation under the heading:

Charges for utility services :

That is why Kidd House Accommodation will only charge you water and/or air conditioning if it’s individually metered.

It’s fair, honest and gives YOU the tenant peace of mind that you only pay for what YOU specifically use.


What is included in the rent?


Wireless. There is no lengthy or expensive connection process. Simply log in and use. All of Kidd House Accommodation’s portfolio of properties managed have unlimited internet.


Electricity. You’ll never have to do an assignment in the dark or take a cold shower at Kiddhouse accommodation


Water. Spliting your water bill with your flatmates is a thing of the past. At Kiddhouse Accommodation the water is bill-free so you can enjoy drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning.


Fully furnished. You won’t have to spend time and money furnishing your room. It’s all there for you when you move in!